At Salisbury Moore, safety is an inclusive concept that resonates throughout the company. Each employee is respected and recognized for their crucial role on the project team. As a result, all employees are empowered to drive safety across the job board. Salisbury Moore provides the resources for safety materials, training, equipment, and recognition.

Our project managers and superintendents alike uphold safety regulations at both the federal and state levels. We pride ourselves on upholding a culture of safety on all construction sites by maintaining daily check-ins and hosting weekly safety meetings for all crew members. Our frontline workers are routinely trained and educated for all aspects of the construction process.

Safety on the construction site is vital to protecting workers, protecting the public, and keeping the job running smoothly. By creating a culture of safety in our company, we can better protect not only our employees, but our partners and clients as well, from potential risks.

Salisbury Moore proudly maintains building codes and safety compliance throughout the company. Call us today to learn more via email at or phone at 919-930-8770.