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Since 2005 Salisbury Moore has become a hospitality industry leader specializing in hotel renovations, additions, and conversions. With over $320 million in renovations, across nearly 1,000 properties, spanning 44 states, Salisbury Moore has become the standard in quality service for the most widely recognized brands in the hotel industry.

What We Are About

What We Are About

Salisbury Moore is proud of its strong reputation for having quality work, reliable staff, and a professionalism driven by its resolute integrity and unparalleled customer service.

Our dedication to our clients is a source of pride for us, as is our respect for the unique circumstances that arise when working within an operating hotel. Hotel guests expect quality service, pristine conditions, and a peaceful environment during their stay. At Salisbury Moore, our mission for every renovation is to ensure a hotel’s 5-star service is able to continue uninterrupted and that the renovation impact on guests remains minimal, if not completely unnoticed.

Why Choose Us?

We believe the results speak for themselves. With over 85 percent of Salisbury Moore’s business coming from repeat clients, it has become clear that our clients recognize our unwavering dedication to providing for them a quality product at competitive prices with minimal impact on the daily operations of their property.

With every renovation, we share our clients’ goal of being revenue focused, which is why we remain committed to returning the rooms, restaurant, or any other area designated for renovation back into service as quickly as possible. Client satisfaction and timeliness have always been, and always will be, our top priorities.

What We Are About

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Meet The Team

Andrew Harvick

Andrew began his hospitality career as a superintendent and worked his way up through procurement, estimating, and project management. When you add in his extensive background in finance, contract administration, and subcontractor administration, it is clear why 85 percent of Salisbury Moore’s business comes from repeat clients. Andrew’s extensive experience in all stages of the hotel renovation process gives him the ability to react quickly to any situation that arises and communicate effectively to all involved in the renovation process. Our clients know that Andrew fully understands all sides of the hotel renovation business, from design to scheduling to the budget. For every project Salisbury Moore has the honor of lending its name to, Andrew’s priority is to deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget. Andrew earned a bachelor of science in Finance, with a minor in Spanish, from Clemson University. He is also Salisbury Moore’s License holder in most US states.

Anthony Gallo
Senior Project Manager
Malcolm Munkittrick
Senior Project Manager
Tim Johnson
Senior Project Manager
Dillon Rockwell
Project Manager
Kimberly Potwin
Project Manager
Nate Hill
Project Manager
Frank Berrian
General Superintendent
Eric Rigsbee
VP of Pre-Construction
Drew Jaskolski
Robert Burke
Sam Fuller
Estimating Intern
Zack King
Colin Roberson
Procurement Manager
Brooks Parham
Procurement Manager
Melissa Angell
Project Coordinator
Christine Bruckner
Human Resource Manager
Amy Harvey
Project Accountant
Wendy Carden
Administrative Specialist
Angie Fournier
Office Manager

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